Who is Stoo?

You may know some of Stoo’s pixel art work from his Sensible Software days – working on titles like Cannon Fodder, Sensible World of Soccer and Sensible Golf. Please do check out his galleries via his website www.stoocambridge.co.uk including his guest appearances on podcasts, video shows and links to some of the articles he has written and more!

As of writing this Stoo hasn’t long returned from a visit to BBC Three Counties Radio where he was a guest on their Level 23 gaming show. BBC 3CR’s Level 23

Just prior to this site going live Stoo was commissioned by Neil from RMC The Cave to produce 70 pixel portrait commissions for his new Retro Tea Breaks Vol.1 book which incidentally Stoo also appears in too!

And a special edition Zzap! 64 badged version of his C64 Chips canvas was recently included as part of the Zzap! 64 2021 annual Kickstarter from the fabulous Fusion Retro Books! (Big thanks to Chris Wilkins for being such a diamond geezer!)

Stoo is also a regular corlumnist for the awesome Amiga Addict magazine.

The Retro Group partnered with Stoo last year to publish the Colouring Book of Retro Computers  Volume 1. Stoo was commissioned to design and illustrate 32 pages of retro tech including 4 full colour versions of these illustrations, one being used on the cover of the book too. 

Talking of full colour illustrations… watch this space for something related to this very book appearing on this site soon!

What’s the story behind this site then?

“The idea of opening an online shop as an outlet for my art projects has been at the back of my mind for years.With my milestone 50th birthday in 2019 I decided that if I don’t do it now, I never will. So I took the plunge and the Design Droid become something more than just an idea..” – Stoo,

So, why call it The Design Droid?

“Simple answer – it was a character I created a few years ago to front a T-Shirt printing business I never set up. The actual history of the character has its roots back in June 2012 when I had this idea of an AI driven creative robot. I don’t know where it was going exactly but as with many ideas that pop into me head, it stayed there and made itself at home. I pencil sketched out a rough which was then tidied up once it made the transition to the screen for a full digital version. Just like that The Design Droid was born.” – Stoo, 

Is there a newsletter to keep up to date with new artwork and products?

Yes there is, and you can subscribe at the bottom of this page. Don’t worry we won’t spam you with any nonsense stuff unrelated to what this site is about and you can of course unsubscribe anytime.

The Newsletter will not be that regular to start with but there are plans to make it part of the process in running the site.