"Amiga A500: Inside Out Coaster"

– Canvas Print –
Illustration by “Stoo Cambridge”
“My illustration of the much loved Amiga A500 presented against a backdrop of related media set on a nicely textured hue offset grey.  I honestly believe without the A500, the Amiga  would never have been the huge success it became. I used my A500 as my home machine when I first started working at Sensible, it proved to be a fantastic all rounder and holds many good memories for me.” – Stoo

If you’re a follower of RMC The Cave you may of seen the original line art version of this illustration in “The Colouring Book of Retro Computers” featuring over 30 computers and consoles from days past. You can read more on the history of this illustration at the bottom of this page.

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Out of Stock

Technical Specs:
  • Aluminium top and bottom, sandwiching a polyethylene core 
  • 3mm thickness, super sturdy
  • 10cm x 10cm with rounded edges
  • Lightly textured surface
  • Shatter-proof & water resistant 
  • Easy to clean

About the Illustrations

In 2021 Stoo  created over 30 line art images for “The Colouring Book of Retro Computers” published by the Retro Group – (RMC The Cave) along with a variety of smaller drawings used to form the page backgrounds.

It wasn’t until he coloured up the the four postcards he realised these illustrations may work with some subtle changes as canvas prints. After a test run with the Apple IIe it became clear the idea would work as the prototype looked really good.

The Colouring Book is available to purchase from the RMC Shop in both physical and digital editions. Grab a copy today and get colouring! – Don’t forget to share your creative masterpiece on social media with an @ or a # with Neil and Stoo. Cheers!

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