June 2019, my old Wacom tablet was showing signs of failing – erratic pen detection and random straight lines which alas signalled the end for it. No matter what I tried I had no choice but to bin it and look for a replacement.

Initially I was going to go for another Wacom but by chance I’d seen a tablet advertised from a company called VEIKK. I hadn’t heard of  Veikk before let alone know about their products. This A15 model I really liked the look of, so I watched a few review videos and read a selection of comments on its Amazon(UK) page. It was on offer for £40, so I took the plunge and ordered one.

Over a year on, it still works, it’s pen is battery free which until recently was one of the big selling points of Wacom tablets. The drivers, once I’d uninstalled the Wacom once, worked great. There is an occasional screen mapping problem with dual screen setups, where it forgets the mapping after an awaken but it’s so minor it hasn’t hindered the use – doesn’t seem to be doing it so much after the last update.

So would I recommend this tablet?  I would for Windows 10, no idea what it’s like for Mac and I can say that under Linux Mint it behaves like a normal pointer device, so no pressure sensitivity being picked up, which is a shame as I wish more manufacturers supported Linux. One day?

Worth a look I’d say.


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