Stoo’s Picks

Here’s a few of the things I use in the process of doing what I do accompanied by a few words and links (some as affiliated links).

Over time I’ll be dropping more in here as short and concise review snippets, just enough to voice my opinion but not to send you off to sleep. Only a few to start off with but will be add more as I find the time. Cheers!” – Stoo

LED Gaming Mouse

Was on the look out for a gaming mouse for my son to use on his laptop. With so much choice available it was quite overwhelming what ones to include in the shortlist let alone actually pick one!

I scoured the reviews and opted to go for this one in the end. It was a good price backed up with a fair old number of positive reviews. The look of the mouse was great and with the contrast between the white case and the LED lights really stood out amongst the defacto black ones available.

So how does it feel? Well it does what you expect has varying DPI settings and feels comfortable in the hand without the ache you can get from similar cheaper models. I tested it quite extensively with a few games and it felt responsive and unhindered in operation.

Droid Star Rating: