In the pipeline

Atari ST and E!

One of the machines I’ve been wanting to draw up and add is the Atari ST. It’s such a great looking piece of tech I think will make a worthy addition to the range on sale here at The Design Droid.

I still own my 1040STFM from my full time game development days so it’s only right I use it to model the chunky tech angles and mean looking case design that truly separates it from its main rival the Amiga A500.

I recently mentioned in my newsletter I was going to be doing this one next and that I plan to offer it with a choice of badge options. Currently I’m thinking 520ST, 1040ST along with the upgraded STE badge should work, oh and of course the matching artistic PCB/Schematic design too for each of these. Watch this space!

Sensi’Golf 2k21 Art

Just prior to finishing off this section of the website I began work bringing my original Sensible Golf Artwork up to date with a subtle makeover in readiness for a new product range of art and canvas prints. I’ve always wanted to revisit these graphics and what better way than as a professionally printed pixel art piece on canvas and paper.

During the development of the original game I had plans to create lots of incidental sprite animations including a few slapstick ones thrown in for good measure. One of these animations was the infamous flasher who was intended to jump out at random, possibly just before that hole in one shot!

Birds, rabbits, fish and many other forms of wildlife were also on my list of sprites to add to the game but these never crossed the brain to screen threshold. Who knows maybe one day these will finally make an appearance on screen.

Check back soon, or subscribe to get a gentle nudge when the new piece is ready.

Pixelled Group Shots

I’ve been toying with the idea of offering pixel portrait group shots which seems a natural progression from the singular ones currently offered.

As for how these will look, I’m thinking along the lines of a pop art style layout using coloured squares, similar to what’s seen on my > Pixel Portrait page here <.

As you can see these are just rough ideas, I’m not 100% certain of the final look for these yet but having the renders certainly give me an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

There’s a few thoughts brewing and I hope to bring these into the spotlight as we emerge from 2020, into I hope a much better 2021, to coin a cliché, watch this space.

Drawing a Speccy!

Despite my public adoration for most things Commodore, I have recently come out of the closet and have taken a keen interest in the Speccy, so much so that it’s now on my “what to draw next” list. (pun intended?)

I guess I should also consider drawing an Amstrad CPC too, oh and I guess an Atari 800, might as well do a BBC micro as well while I’m at it, do you know what, I’ll draw em all! Watch out for these new prints coming in 2021!

(I must be bonkers!)

16bit Space Shooter Art

I was sitting looking through some of my archive folders recently and had this idea which would make a great print. What if I were to take some of the pixels and make them into an updated, concept art piece with more colours and pixels. The game was originally set in 16 colours, but…what if it was developed to run on a Neo Geo or modern tech? Hmmmm got me thinking…

The original graphics were created around 1990 for a concept project that just didn’t happen. I’ve often thought about re-using them for something and by chance I was playing about with the renders for the site when I had the bonkers idea to try one of the screen mock ups as a canvas or even a poster. Hmmm.. Wouldn’t look too bad with a bit of work…

Ant Meets Brick

I’m sure some of you remember that Amiga cover disc we did back in the early 90s parodying Sim Ant? It was imaginatively called Sim Brick and for years I wanted to do a parody fold out instruction sheet for it, you know, like those often found in the big box 8 and 16 bit games we all remember.

For the Sensible Book by Read Only Memory, I created a version of this idea in the form of a poster which was a step closer but sadly it was never used. The budget was extremely tight so I couldn’t really put too much detail into it, but the idea stayed with me as a piece to create as intended.

So we’re n 2020 and the newly imagined, illustrated revision is coming along nicely, I opted to go for a cross hatch ink look which if you know about cross hatching takes an age to shade. No pain no gain or so the saying goes.

I’m really looking forward to introducing this to the shop as It’s something a little different to my other work.