Pixelled Group Shots

I’ve been toying with the idea of offering pixel portrait group shots which seems a natural progression from the singular ones currently offered. As for how these will look, I’m thinking along the lines of a pop art style layout using coloured squares, similar to what’s seen on my > Pixel Portrait page here <. […]

Krita Digital Art Software

A few years back I was looking at videos on YouTube for digital painting software that wasn’t Photoshop. I’d had some experience of MyPaint on Linux which is brilliant for sketching but wanted something with more advanced features. Krita popped up in my search along with a video by the excellent David Revoy. I was […]

Drawing a Speccy!

Despite my public adoration for most things Commodore, I have recently come out of the closet and have taken a keen interest in the Speccy, so much so that it’s now on my “what to draw next” list. (pun intended?) I guess I should also consider drawing an Amstrad CPC too, oh and I guess […]

LED Gaming Mouse

Was on the look out for a gaming mouse for my son to use on his laptop. With so much choice available it was quite overwhelming what ones to include in the shortlist let alone actually pick one! I scoured the reviews and opted to go for this one in the end. It was a […]

Rotring Tikky Mechanical Pencil

Since my school days, I’ve always liked mechanical pencils, the immediacy of the lead and precision of the line just worked for me. So I guess it comes as no surprise I draw more with these types of pencils than more traditional ones. Don’t get me wrong I do use normal pencil but prefer these […]

Veikk A15 Tablet

June 2019, my old Wacom tablet was showing signs of failing – erratic pen detection and random straight lines which alas signalled the end for it. No matter what I tried I had no choice but to bin it and look for a replacement. Initially I was going to go for another Wacom but by […]

16bit Space Shooter Art

I was sitting looking through some of my archive folders recently and had this idea which would make a great print. What if I were to take some of the pixels and make them into an updated, concept art piece with more colours and pixels. The game was originally set in 16 colours, but…what if […]

Ant Meets Brick

I’m sure some of you remember that Amiga cover disc we did back in the early 90s parodying Sim Ant? It was imaginatively called Sim Brick and for years I wanted to do a parody fold out instruction sheet for it, you know, like those often found in the big box 8 and 16 bit […]

SensiSWOS – Your Choice

After a chat with my old Sensible mate Chris Chapman, the idea to update the product page for this piece become obvious. Instead of just offering a red or a blue variant of the team, why not give you the fans the choice to tweak the artwork to the team colours you want. For licensing […]

Sensi’Golf 2k21 Art

Just prior to finishing off this section of the website I began work bringing my original Sensible Golf Artwork up to date with a subtle makeover in readiness for a new product range of art and canvas prints. I’ve always wanted to revisit these graphics and what better way than as a professionally printed pixel […]