Amiga A1000

My Amiga A1000 illustration published in the Retro Computing Colouring book is soon to be promoted to a full colour illustration.

Pixel Portrait Physical

When I first set this site up I included the option to have a physical canvas print version of your pixel portrait. I took this off the site last year as I wanted to offer a better choice of backgrounds. This option will be available again soon. Watch this space.

Soccer Prints Incoming

With the introduction of posters to the shop the next logical step would be to add customisable Soccer poster prints to the mix.

Amstrad CPC464:Inside Out – 100%

I started colouring up the 464 straight after finishing the C64 and progress has been swift. So much so that I’m about 50% through the process.

C64 – 100% Complete

Working through some of the black and white line art illustrations I created for the Colouring Book one machine I could not ignore , the beloved Commodore 64.

Atari ST and E!

One of the machines I’ve been wanting to draw up and add is the Atari ST. It’s such a great looking piece of tech I think will make a worthy addition to the range on sale here at The Design Droid.

Sensi’Golf 2k21 Art

I’ve always wanted to revisit the graphics for Sensible Golf and what better way than as a professionally printed pixel art piece on canvas and paper.

Pixelled Group Shots

I’ve been toying with the idea of offering pixel portrait group shots which seems a natural progression from the singular ones currently offered. As for how these will look, I’m thinking along the lines of a pop art style layout using coloured squares, similar to what’s seen on my > Pixel Portrait page here <. […]

Krita Digital Art Software

A few years back I was looking at videos on YouTube for digital painting software that wasn’t Photoshop. I’d had some experience of MyPaint on Linux which is brilliant for sketching but wanted something with more advanced features. Krita popped up in my search along with a video by the excellent David Revoy. I was […]


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