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Coming Soon: Ant Meets Brick

I’m sure some of you remember that Amiga cover disc we did back in the early 90s parodying Sim Ant? It was imaginatively called Sim Brick and for years I wanted to do a parody fold out instruction sheet for it, you know, like those often found in the big box 8 and 16 bit games we all remember.

For the Sensible Book by Read Only Memory, I created a version of this idea in the form of a poster which was a step closer but sadly it was never used. The budget was extremely tight so I couldn’t really put too much detail into it, but the idea stayed with me as a piece to create as intended.

So we’re n 2020 and the newly imagined, illustrated revision is coming along nicely, I opted to go for a cross hatch ink look which if you know about cross hatching takes an age to shade. No pain no gain or so the saying goes.

I’m really looking forward to introducing this to the shop as It’s something a little different to my other work.

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Nov 2020

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